• CSR Program

    Strategic approach to your giving

    The best corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes combine financial support with innovative approaches for sharing business assets and knowledge.

    From planning and reviewing your corporate social responsibility strategy, to implementing it, we assist in delivering your objectives.

  • Our CSR Framework

    How can we support

    The implications of Section 135 of Companies Act, 2013, bear both, qualitative and quantitative effects on the overall strategic objectives, operational framework and functionalities of CSR initiatives.

    To help corporate organizations cope with the change, our teams have invested time and resources to broaden and strengthen the scope of CSR support framework.

    The Corporate Support Division provides high-end technical advisory services to its partners by customizing and re-aligning support services with the organization's overall CSR goals.

  • Strategy Development

    How can we support

    Education India Topper recognizes that the combined impact of giving, engagement and partnerships can be maximized by developing strategic approaches with ambitious and achievable objectives.

    We help drive your CSR performance by building a long term sustainable strategy and provide an innovative solution-driven response to CSR initiatives.

    Education India Topper, with its 10 years of expertise and experience of working with corporates is ideally positioned to develop strategies that will make a difference to your business and to the communities you wish to help.

    We offer a range of advisory services to help you develop, implement and evaluate your corporate responsibility program and ensure it continues to deliver against the objectives you set.

    Whether you're looking for advice on designing an effective CSR strategy, support on developing sustainable partnerships with organizations or guidance on maximizing your impact, we provide high-end technical advisory support to corporates, PSUs & MNCs .

    How we do it

    We develop a framework that will enable corporates to run the program effectively across multiple locations.

    We work through an interactive and staged process and ensure that we draw key internal and external stakeholders, review and build on our leanings.

    We take into account, both, business and social factors to ensure that your strategy is fit for purpose and has the in-built flexibility to develop with your business and the changing social context.

    We define your key performance indicators and show how they can be achieved throughout your business, your employees and your giving.

  • Program Management

    Turning CSR into Reality

    With our programmatic expertise, we conceptualize, design and strategize, for efficient and effective management and implementation of programs.

    We ensure that program design reflects local developmental needs and creates sustainable shared value for communities, turning your CSR strategy into reality.

    At present, Education India Topper is managing the grants for more than 50 corporate partners.
    We support our clients through regular reviews and develop their programs in a dynamic environment. We have an established set of measurements and models to achieve this.

    We provide the following services in developing Grant Making strategy for the company:

    Project Development

    Baseline research, community needs assessment, stakeholder mapping, consultation with key stakeholders, identifying need-based interventions with feasibility assessment, development of overall program framework and proposal write up with log frame and budget.

    Program Management

    Program management systems and procedure; develop delivery framework, reporting and compliances, stakeholder engagement, financial management including auditing.

    Project Implementation

    Identifying local implementing partners in each location, capacity building, developing systems for program management, technical support, partnership and collaborations.
    Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E):
    Developing M&E framework to measure performances, reviewing progress, developing program indicators for output tracking etc.
    Reporting and Compliances
    Develop program reporting, documentation, capture learning from fields.

  • Employee Engagement

    Connecting Employees

    Education India Topper defines and articulates strategies for effective engagement of employees in social initiatives. We promote culture of volunteering and commitment of leadership.

    This service includes training for volunteers, frequent communication, recognition and evaluating the impact. We offer a wide range of volunteering activities to companies and their employees which includes:

  • Introductory event.
  • Team building activities.
  • Short term projects in the community that utilise core skills of employees.
  • Quick turnaround projects.
  • Volunteering is offered during non-working hours and working hours depending on the interest and policy of the company.

  • Campaign Communication

    Social Branding

    In the age of digital democracy, it is important to use the medium and leverage benefit pertaining to CSR activities.

    Education India Topper provides professional advice to develop plans and prepare communication (online and offline or traditional communication) advisory to make your CSR visible and creating awareness about your CSR project, educating project beneficiaries and establishing project brand and credibility.

    We design and implement need-based digital communications strategy, for promotion and visibility, which may include offline and online platform.

    Education India Topper has been designing and implementing effective communication plans to make your CSR visible.

    We offer the following services as part of our communication advisory to corporates:

    • Design specific campaigns in line with project objectives
    • Use partnered media arms for promotion and branding, using broad array of channels.
    • Design and implement need based digital communications strategy.
    • Support to local implementing partner for promotion and visibility.
    • Engagement on various platforms and forums.
    • Regular monitoring and evaluation of digital communication activities.
    • Visibility materials (banners, signboards, display boards, stickers and plaques) as per requirements.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation

    Developing Monitoring Framework

    Evaluating the effectiveness of CSR programs is one of the most important steps for end-to-end implementation of programs.

    We provide technical support in developing Monitoring and Evaluation framework of CSR projects for companies, conducting baseline and need-assessment studies, defining processes and reporting framework to measure outcomes and monitor progress.

    • Develop a monitoring framework to capture the progress and outcomes, based on the agreed indicators
    • Develop monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework to measure performances.
    • Develop project governance structure.
    • Output tracking through well-defined indicators.
    • Progress report (narrative and financial).
    • Midterm reviews
    • Consolidate and analyse learning from the field Mid-term, annual and evaluation at the end of project

  • Impact Assesment

    Impactful Outcomes

    Impact Assessment aims to create a social impact to measure the effectiveness of CSR projects and know whether objectives were met and money was judiciously spent.

    We design the impact assessment studies of social investment made under your CSR program to optimise development outcomes as well as to maximise impact of strategic giving.

    We also assess impact of your social investment using widely accepted tools like SROI (Social Return on Investment).